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Let’s be honest, very few of us enjoys Winter. It’s something that we all have to slog through in our annual anticipation of heavenly summer sunshine. Humans were made to bask in the glorious ultra-violet radiance of our nearest celestial neighbour.


But we ain’t getting much of that on these cold, seemingly endless, winter days. Fear not, spring really is just around the corner, and the best way to slog through the rest of January and a February with the nerve to stretch to 29 days is by giving yourself something to look forward to.

A nice spring break, so to speak. I don’t mean the college type of spring break though, unless you’re a student keen on irreparable liver damage. Travel is the best education for any person and a trip to a new destination is just what you need.


But where are the best places to go in springtime? Save your beach holidays for summer and use your spring break as an excuse to soak up a different culture. Grab your vintage folding camera, put on your best David Niven attire, wear that Panama hat you’re so fond of and head off to these destinations.


  1. Tuscany, Italy

Seen in movies such as Gladiator, Stealing Beauty, and one of those awful Twilights the region of Tuscany is known for its rolling fields, burning gold sunsets, vineyards, sunflowers, beautiful architecture, and romantic coastline. The region is peaceful and perfect for a dignified spring retreat. Take some 35mm film and fill up spools of its old-fashioned, earthy nature.


  1. New Orleans, USA

If you like to party then there’s pretty much no bigger party town than N’Awlins. There’s live music almost everywhere and heroic alcohol consumption around the clock. However, if you like to just eat then prepare to spoil yourself by taking a trip down to the Bywater *. Here you’ll find rustic and real NOLA dinings, however the city tends to lean towards seafood more than average due being blockaded by Lake Portchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico. Make sure you hop on a street car and avoid being eaten by alligators too.


  1. Cornwall, England

You don’t have to leave the island to find breath-taking coastal scenery or immerse yourself in the spirit of an England long gone. With the Atlantic just about warm enough to go swimming in you can enjoy clean, clear water and sugary sand beaches during the day and quiet walks along the cliffs in the evening.


  1. Indre-et-Loire, France

If you want to see what Europe might have looked like had it not been scarred by the violence and destruction of WWII then look no further than the Loire Valley. The historic towns of this district have been listed as World Heritage Sites. Rightly so as the medieval architecture, grand chateaus, and imposing town halls alternately seem like something from a horror movie or a James Bond film, depending on how they are lit. You won’t find this area of France selling its soul to tourists either. The location sells itself and is far less ostentatious than more popular destinations such as Paris.


  1. Greece and The Greek Islands

Often seen in yoghurt ads Greece is known for its whitewashed architecture and eye-boggling views of the Mediterranean. It’s best to experience this part of the world in the early half of the year as it can get obnoxiously busy during the summer season. In springtime you’ll experience the latter of the calm period and have enough space to enjoy the island without feeling like you’re just part of a crowd.


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