Finnair from Edinburgh? Park with PremiAir Parking

Flying with Finnair?  Park with PremiAir Parking Edinburgh


They say that the only regrets we have are the things we don’t do. We believe that travel is the best education for a person but with money failing to stretch as far as it used to overseas travel has been dwindling somewhat in recent years. More and more people are having “staycations” assuming that fun can be had without leaving the UK. But really, how much money are you saving?


Did you know that for less than £500 you can get to the other side of the planet? Edinburgh Airport now has indirect (1-stop) access to over 70 destinations in the Far East now that Finnair is running daily flights with a stopover in Helsinki.


Your car parking expense need not be extortionate if you park with PremiAir Parking. We offer secure, easy and a great choice of products from extra room in our wide space parking lot with solid asphalt surfaces to fully flexible products.

For £10.99 pre-book price or £14.50 roll-up you can have a week’s parking for a mere £70.92 if you plan ahead. Add up the totals of your  staycation and compare them to the prices of Finnair. Escape is only a heartbeat away. The rest of the world is within your reach right now. It’s time to go for it.