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Winter Travel Tips From Sainsbury’s Bank

    So you’ve planned everything for your winter holiday abroad. Flights and hotel are booked, airport parking and transfers arranged; but have you thought about what might happen in the event your money or belongings go missing while you’re away? Your house may be secure, and your car safe with us, but what about…


PremiAir Parking Edinburgh’s Top 5 Bond Locations

PremiAir Parking Edinburgh Loves Bond, James Bond. Here are our top five Bond locations you must visit.   With SPECTRE currently eating up box office receipts globally it’s worth listing the 5 nicest places Bond has done his snooping and wimmin-bedding. In the real world of espionage an agent is more than likely to be…

Happy Thanksgiving

PremiAir Parking Edinburgh Take on Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving?   Most people outside of the US will have no idea exactly what Thanksgiving is, but know that it’s a day where Americans eat turkey that’s not Christmas. Americans have two turkey days, both in winter.   The holiday has its earliest roots in 1621 New England when the Mayflower Pilgrims had…

a selection of pumkins and a carved Halloween pumpkin

Airport car parking Edinburgh- top 5 Hallowe’en destinations

Check out our PremiAir Airport Car Parking Edinburgh Halloween destination list   1. Halloween Horror Nights – If you are heading to Florida, Hollywood, Singapore or Japan then Universal Studios annual attraction should be at the top of your list. Beginning in 1997, originally a 3-night event the show has now been expanded to, more…

girl travelling, with a tablet device

Parking near Edinburgh airport? Premiar’s top 3 travel Apps

PremiAir Parking Edinburgh’s Top 3 Travel Apps   We don’t just love looking after your car, we also care about your holiday experience and want to ensure you have the best time ever. Here’s our top 3 travel apps for a hassle free trip     Fast Talk   Fast Talk a simple language translation…

Autumn setting - a boat sits by a jetty by the lake

PremiAir Parking Edinburgh Airport – top 3 Autumn destinations

PremiAir Parking Edinburgh Airport – top 3 Autumn destinations Travelling in autumn can be awesome for a number of different reasons –  fewer crowds, shorter lines, crisp clear weather, good deals and spectacular displays of autumn foliage. It’s even been said that autumn really is the best time of year to go travelling. So, if you’re thinking of…

Stuttgart, Germany

Fly to Stuttgart from Edinburgh Airport this November!

The team at PremiAir are super excited to hear that flights from Edinburgh to Stuttgart will be starting from November – just in time for their famous Christmas market! Stuttgart is the capitol of Baden-Württemberg,  which is home to many famous German brands that we know and love so much; Benz, Porsche, Bosch and SAP, to name just a…

Discover why its important to look for a airport car park with the park mark award

Look For the Park Mark Award When Booking Airport Parking

Would you trust an electrician to remove your appendix? Would you rely on a surgeon to rewire your home? Would you bank on an accountant servicing your vehicle? Most wouldn’t – so why would you place your faith in a parking operator that’s failed to gain the requisite security credentials? At PremiAir, however, you’ll have…

Our sunseekers guide to what you can find at Edinburgh Airport

The Sunseeker’s Guide to Edinburgh Airport

Unless you suffer from aviophobia, heading to Edinburgh Airport is generally an exciting experience. Grasping your passport like a holidaymaker possessed, you’ll typically dash out the front door with an overzealous grin and a suitcase the size of Luxembourg. Hurling your pregnant luggage into the boot, the car’s axils groan as you begin the first…